17 Sparkling Conversation Tips for Backpackers

Being on the road for an extended period of time is great but sometimes travel conversational fatigue sets in. Here's how you can keep your travel talk fresh and engaging.


FEAR & Pierogi in Polska (Part 4)

Walking through the park in Krakow and this bloke had a huge long thing over his shoulder. At first I thought it was a barge pole - probably because it's an item I'm familiar with, having been told by many women in my twenties, that they weren't going to touch me with one  - but... Continue Reading →

How To Reduce Your CO2 Emissions Whilst Travelling

Prof Stephen Hawkins predicted that the earth only has around 600 years left due to CO2 before he passed away. This year we discovered through the UN that we have just 12 years to change course. Here we provide tips on how to travel with a light footprint and reduce your carbon emissions whilst on the road. Take action now before it's too late.

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