Hi, there. My name is Ian Paterson. I am a writer and traveller from Glasgow, Scotland. I have worked as a Travel Consultant for several years and have extensively travelled the world. I last circumnavigated the globe in 2010/11 and have created this blog to share my experiences as I plan and prepare to do it again with my partner, Kate over the next couple of years.

Resfeber: (n) The nervous feeling a traveller gets, before their journey begins. 

In addition to blogging, I have also written for many culture, travel and music magazines like: The Skinny, NME, The Line Of Best Fit, DIY Magazine and The Quietus.

(pics from top left and read like a book) Nazca Lines > Scotland > Iceland > Edinburgh > Melbourne > Bangkok > Colombia > Machu Picchu > Ben Nevis

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If you’d like to get in touch, email me on: resfeber resfeber at gmail dot com

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