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Resfeber: Swedish (n) – The anticipation a traveller feels, whilst waiting for their journey to begin.

Kate Ian Soldeu hiking in andorraKate is a physiotherapist from Perth in Western Australia. You get sick and she’ll help you get better.

She likes to draw nudes, enjoys arts and crafts, cooking lots of lovely Asian foods and downing Italian wine based drinks. Recommended: San Choy Bow & Campari Spritz.

Ian works as an emergency repatriation travel consultant from Glasgow, Scotland. You get sick abroad and Ian will get you home.

You’ll find him writing with words or paint and listening to music. He likes cooking Italian food and drinking Scottish liquids, like you’d expect a Scotsman to. You can read the story that inspired Ian to travel here. Recommended: Prawn & Pea Rissoto & Old Pultney whiskey.

In addition to blogging, Ian has written and featured for many culture, travel and music magazines like:

As Seen In The Skinny News.com.au Travel + LeisureThe Skinny / Travel + LeisureThe Line Of Best FitDIY MagazineEat Sleep Love Travel / The Quietus / RTW Mag / News.com.au / Business Insider

Get in touch if you’d like to commission him to write for you on: contact (at) resfebertravelblog (dot) com

Since starting this blog and using our half a decade experience in the travel industry, we’ve produced lots of in-depth articles. These consider how we should travel, the different times in life we decide to experience the world, how important travelling responsibly is for the planet and how to get the most out of culture as you go.

These thoughts have formed the backbone to Resfeber Travel Blog and explain the ethos of what we are doing. This travel blog’s primary intention is to inform those who travel and empower those who’ve perhaps never had the chance.

Contact the blog on: resfeberresfeber (at) gmail (dot) com

You may find a small amount of affiliate links on this blog. We only recommend products that we believe in and earn a small amount of commission if you buy through these links, at no extra cost to yourself.


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