Scotland to Australia Overland 2019

And so it is time for our next, great adventure…

After two long years of preparing, saving, visa-applying and culturally assimilating, it is time for Kate and I to migrate to Perth, Australia. Migrate overland. At least that what we hope. All the way by land and sea from Scotland.

Quite if we’ll make it, is another question entirely, but with one eye on low-carbon travel and the other on high-excitement adventure, this is what we will attempt.

Read: Scotland to Australia part 1 here. 

Organising the visa for me to live in Australia has been a large enough task on its own. Ten months later and four grand lighter, we’re glad that part is behind us and my subclass 100 partner visa was granted in late 2018.

Since then its been all systems go in the race to tie up loose ends, cross T’s, dot i’s and other really quite annoying analogies for sorting shit out.

first class train cabin italyWe will begin by train from our home in Glasgow, Scotland on the 25th of March, travelling over to Newcastle Upon Tyne and board the night ferry to Amsterdam. From there its anyones guess as to if we’ll be on train, bus, carshare, bike, running, walking or crawling our way across Europe and Asia.

I will of course be blogging this trip as a go. I will catalog the trip, our experiences, the interesting people we meet, the terrible arguments Kate and I have, the tired days when things go wrong and the beautiful moments that come from a once in a lifetime journey.

But for now, its back to clearing out our house. We have been shedding everything we own. Selling, donating, recycling and giving it away. The process of minimising our possessions is the cathartic start to our pilgrimage. Where it ends, we don’t really know.

But join us if you can, on our low-co2 pilgrimage across the globe, as we attempt to understand just exactly how far apart are our respective homes, between Scotland and Australia.

With love, Ian & Kate.

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