Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population by Prof. Hans Rosling

Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population

The greatest gift travel gives you, is learning all about the world. The planet and it’s people face many challenges and none more so that the issues displayed in this incredible documentary by Swedish doctor and professor, Hans Rosling.

Prof. Rosling speaks with charismatic charm and great authority, as he takes us through many of the issues and perceived issues the world faces, from population growth, to food shortages and in particular global warming.

Watch the full documentary below:

The reason that this documentary is so powerful is that it demonstrates how it is people like us, the worlds richest people, who are causing the most environmental impact. If levels are to be decreased then it is imperative the we find more efficient methods of travel and energy expenditure. Otherwise, when more people in the developing world catch up to us in terms of wealth, carbon emissions are going to continue to rise and not decrease as they need to, to ensure the planet remains habitable.

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Myth Busting

Hans RoslingDuring this incredible documentary, you will learn from an expert statistician about population growth in different areas of the world. ‘Don’t Panic’ busts the myth that population growth is a major threat to the world and although populations are set to rise – now at 7bn, to around 10bn – this will level out if current projections are correct.

Take a look at one of the most thrilling and powerful documentaries made to tackle the subjects of the planet and mankind in years. It’s every bit as empowering as films like ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ by Al Gore or the wonderful Micheal Moore documentaries that we’ve all seen.



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