My Year with the Tribe (BBC Travel Documentary with Will Millard)

The term ‘end of an era’ is one that is often overused but it hits the nail on the head, when thinking about My Year with the Tribe.

We are right at the very end of the ‘Hunter-gatherer’ era and this travel show marks that momentous period perfectly.

Korowai Tribe TreehouseThis time in human evolution is thought to have begun 12,000 years ago. Now, with the last tribes coming out of the forests, embracing technology and agricultural farming, human kind has almost completely left this way of life.

The last known tribes living this way can be found in remote forest sections of West Papua in Indonesia, near Borneo. They are the last people who simply forage and hunt for all of their food, rather than barter or farm it, like we do.

This incredible three-part travel documentary attempts to find these rare people and mark the end of this era in human history.

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In this documentary series, British travel writer, explorer and trip leader, Will Millard, heads to the jungle to live with members of the Korowai tribe and experience their way of life.

It’s a story that comes with many twists and turns, as Millard finds out how the Korowai people have started to commodify their lifestyles as a tourist attraction.

Treehouse KorowaiMany tribe members who’ve settled in new government built villages head back out into the forest and take to their old way of life, when film crews arrive, in an effort to earn money.

What is ironic here, is that it is the very people who are coming to film this old way of life who have introduced the bartering system that removes them from being true hunter-gatherers.

Regardless however, this is a hugely insightful travel documentary and provides important insight into the lives – both the old way of life and newly settled villages – of the Korowai tribe.

My Year with the Tribe is available on BBC Iplayer for viewers in the UK.


7 thoughts on “My Year with the Tribe (BBC Travel Documentary with Will Millard)

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  1. This is such a cool story! I’ll watch the documentary when I have time but it is definitely something I’m very interested in. I took an anthro course in uni once and ever since I’ve always been very intrigued about living with unique tribes


  2. This sounds like such an interesting documentary. The fact that the tribe bring tourists to a ‘set up’ of their old life if you like is interesting in itself. I’ll have to have a look on iplayer!


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