11 Travel Clichés You’ll Meet On The Road (LOL)

Hitting the road, you’ll meet all kinds of people. Some of them will be great but not all of them, we are afraid.  There are many travel clichés that’ll make you cringe, laugh, cry or perhaps even vomit!

From our years on the road, and time working in travel, here are the biggest stereotypes we’ve come across. Where do you fit in? Or are you completely original.

Much of this pokes fun at who we are and I can see a little of myself in many of these groups, so please try not to take everything you read here seriously. It’s just for fun!

What kind of traveller are you?

The Party Traveller:

Drinking Catalunya wineYou party hard, meet lots of other backpackers and see some great sights. Your a twenty something traveller. You tend to meet other travellers more than locals and see the famous, guide book sights. You have a reputation for sexual promiscuity that comes from a combination of an overwhelming social need to overcome loneliness and alcohol. You like to travel the USA, Australia, NZ, Asia and Europe. You may have an STD.

Verdict: You travel to have fun and blow of steam.

The Deep Traveller:

You like to go to places and attempt to get to know the way of life, locals and culture. When I say culture, I don’t just mean historic sights, old ruins and history. I mean modern culture too. Politics, popular music, film, comedy. The deep traveller wants to get to know the people, not just tour guides but the bar tender, the barista, the shop clerk, a random person at a bus stop. You don’t know how to shut up. You’re more likely to travel South or Central America, Asia, Africa, East Europe or Russia.

Verdict: You travel to learn.

The Digital Nomad:

You used to work for the man, in an office, doing something more boring than watching paint dry. Or maybe something morally questionable, like selling credit default swabs and it crushed your soul. You realised how crap a life that was and went to the other extreme, exchanging financial wealth for spiritual. Now you travel from place to place, working a little as you go, on a much more modest income, using the internet as your office. Hopefully you feel better now.

Verdict: You travel to regain what you lost.

The Shoestring Traveller:

This backpacker is a little more subdued than most. You’ll find them with a book in their hands for entertainment. They rarely drink because it’s one of the biggest expenses on the road. There’s an ethical side to you and traits like veganism, politics, philosophy and environmental issues are normally not far from your thoughts. We will more than likely find them in Asia, South America or Africa. Or sleeping on your couch and not taking the hint to fuck off after a week.

Verdict: You travel as a lifestyle choice.

The Trustafarian:

Round The World Flights TicketYou have been given or inherited money and decided to use it to travel and ‘find yourself’. You may be looked down upon by other travellers, for not having earned your experience but it’s not your fault you’re from a rich family! You are closely related to the Champaign Socialist and might grow into one. You like new age, mystical things like reiki and talking about your aura.

Verdict: You travel to try and not be like your high society parents.

The Flashpacker:

There’s no way you’re sharing a messy dorm with a hostel full of unwashed travellers – you need the next step up.  You are likely to be mistaken for a robot, as you are seen constantly plugged into some kind of device. You rarely look up from your gadgets long enough to make a real life connection but your photos on Instagram tell a different story – one of a person in touch with nature and the people around them. You see no irony in your use of the hashtag #OpenMyWorld. We’ll most likely find you in Western and developed countries.

Verdict: You travel to show off about it on social media.

The Travel Blogger:

You started to travel, saw many beautiful parts of the world and found your one true love. You wrote about it for friends back home and because your passion shone through in your writing, your website started to get a few extra hits. Now you sell posts you write to whoever will pay you and spend hours researching SEO. Travel is now dead to you but blogging beats going back to the 9-5. We’ll most likely find you staring into your laptop in a hostel or cafe anywhere.

Verdict: You travel to make a living.

The Baby Boomers:

Fanny Pack Traveller Baby Boomer

You got a free education, a job for life, bought your house when property was cheap, make a ton of money on the property bubble and retired with an amazing pension. You’ve pulled up the ladder – by voting for all the benefits that made you rich to end for the next generation – but have a huge deposable income to travel with, so you don’t care. Despite the freedom all your money gives you, you are only interested in visiting countries that speak English, are ex-colonial or are majority white.

Verdict: You travel because you can.

The Sensory Traveller:

You use a method of travelling in which you seek out to fill your senses with culture, using a combination of sightseeing, foodie travel, adventure travel and audio travel, to help you understand the world. Embracing other cultures is your goal but boring other people about the amazing Mongolian music scene is the result. You try throat singing at a hostel party – it goes badly.

Verdict: You travel with the best intentions.

The Gap Year Traveller:

You’ve gone through school and are taking a year before or after university. You told your parents you are going to learn self-reliance but really you are going for the booze/party/drugs/sex or just because all your mates are doing it. You will do a little charity work en-route to help you balance the guilty feeling that your country became rich from exploiting the places you are visiting, over the last 300 years.

Verdict: You travel because its what you’re supposed to do at this age.

The New Age Traveller:

what kind of traveller are you backpackerYou want to get off the grid. The government is watching everything you do. You are a mix of extreme libertarian and hard-left socialist. Washing is not important – inner cleanliness is valued much more than outer. You have a million conspiracy theories you want to tell us. You’ve named your van Gurty and don’t own any shoes. You could grate cheese on the soles of your feet, they are so rough (and they’d probably smell better if you did too).

Verdict: You travel because it makes you feel free.



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