How To Fly Around The World For Less Than £1000

I had a visit yesterday from an airline rep, through my work. He wanted to tell me about how to get really cheap round the world flights, amongst other things. So here is my guide of how to fly around the world for less than £1000 but first…

When he first arrived, he made me laugh, when he told me a story of a travel blogger who was invited to a product launch his airline were holding.

His eyebrows raised in amazement when he told me that they had invited a twenty-year-old blogger, as one of the first reviewers of their brand new business class suites.

His mild ageism and obliviousness to the wonders of the internet were amusing to me but he did go on to impart a little wisdom that I was grateful off.

I really want to share this with young travellers and those who perhaps don’t have the biggest budget, to open up the world for everyone, not just a select few who can afford it.

Around The World

Since his visit, I’ve been looking at piecing together some incredible value round the world flights, using Air New Zealand and Singapore Air. This is very similar to The Great Escapade round the world ticket, which I reviewed in detail some months ago. Similar but comes with two twists. You don’t need a travel agent to help you book this and the price is even lower!

So with this post, I wanted to empower young people, who may have a tight budget but are incredible at using the internet, to go out and travel the world, completely under their own steam.

How to book your round the world ticket:

The ticket I am going to show you, can take you from…

  • UK (London or Manchester) to the USA (L.A. or Houston)
  • L.A. to Auckland, New Zealand
  • Then Auckland to Singapore
  • And Singapore back to the UK!
…all for less than £1000. This is a perfect ticket for a first time backpacker, to travel some of the most interesting regions for around 35% less than many round the world ticket agents would charge you and do it on excellent 5-star rated planes. After opening the above Expedia link…

  1. Click on flights to open the flight search engine.
  2. Click on ‘Multi-city’.
  3. Enter in the cities above and play around with the dates. I would advise looking at least 6 months in advance and entering off peak, non school holiday dates.

Here’s what I get…

Expedia Round The World Flight Bargain

So that’s £990 to go all the way round the world. Not bad at all.

Now dates on this are flexible. You don’t have to go with the dates I’ve put in for my example. It can just be a case of trial and error.

The Rules:

  • This ticket is permitted for sale for departure dates of 25th February to 18th of June 2018, from 18th August through to 16th of December, dependent on finding planes that still have the advance fares still available.
  • For a surcharge, you may also go through Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai, after Auckland.
  • The ticket is non-refundable except some taxes, if you decide to cancel at any time. That could be as little as 10% of the ticket cost.
  • Changing dates is possible but will incur a minimum of £100 change fee and any fare differences. If the sale fares have sold out by the time you make your change, this might be quite a lot.

Self Service Online:

One of the reasons this ticket is cheaper, is that Travel Agents are required to add surcharges to cover their costs and make profit. This is one of the few Round The World flights that you can buy self-service online.

That is probably saving you £100-150 in fees. The other £300-350 in savings comes from the simple route and good relations that Singapore Air and Air New Zealand have in working together.

Read More: Take a look at this interview Ian did with Travel + Leisure about round the world flights for more complex round the world itineraries. 

The Verdict:

This ticket is very restrictive and I understand that the destinations might not be to everyone’s liking.

If you want to have greater control over your destinations and are willing to add another 50% to the cost and check out the Qantas Round The World Ticket here.

If you are operating on a budget, as so many young travellers are, then this is the ticket for you though. It represents incredible value, on very high quality airlines, booked through a world recognised brand and takes you to really interesting places.

We want everyone to see the sights, learn about different cultures, gain confidence from navigating the globe by themselves and enjoy travel. Enjoy your trip.


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  1. I use to travel a lot, and before I got a job, my itinerary has always been edited because of budget constraints. 1k? Travel within 1k? Thats interesting.

    Will come back to your blog soon to read other posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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