Sham Rock – Best Irish Music Playlist

As an isolated little Island, it’s easy to forget about Ireland but their impact on global music has been huge – here is our best Irish music playlist.

Within a music culture, which predominantly includes Celtic music, folk songs and traditional Irish music, alongside modernist rock and electronic artists who are influenced by the former, many well know acts have emerged. This collection of music from Ireland is as strong as any world music playlist.

Alongside many familiar musicians, we’ve also dug deep into some of the best unknown musicians Ireland has to offer. Anyone can put together a playlist of U2 and Sinead O’Conner songs but here, we get under the skin of Irish music and provide a well rounded playlist for you to enjoy.

Celtic Connections: Alongside our Ireland Music Playlist, check out our other Celtic country ones, including our French Music Playlist and our Scottish Music Collection.

Sample Pick: Enya‘Orinoco Flow’.

As a bespoke and distinct culture, within it’s own body of land, Irish music has it’s own characteristics. To listen to the sounds of the emerald isle is perhaps the best way to understand it’s people.

It is at the very least on a par as watching their comedians – like Ed Byrne and Dara O’Briain, who feature on our Best Travel Shows list – actors, films or reading the works of writers like Oscar Wilde. It is through their creativity that we best get to grips with the place.

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