A Guide to Flying with Lufthansa & Promo Code

You’d expect a trip with Germany’s national carrier to be a comfortable one. That’s not to say that with a little more information, we can help your trip be even better, though. Welcome to our guide to flying Lufthansa.

Lufthansa Promo Code:

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The promo code will be updated throughout the year, as we get new ones.

Lufthansa Quality

Lufthansa are one of the best airlines in the world with a certified 5-star rating from independent ratings body, Skytrax. On TripAdvisor, Customer feedback on their economy cabin, is rated at 4/5 with the legroom being the main weakness.

Lufthansa Review Tripadvisor

A couple of years ago, Lufthansa introduced a surcharge if booking via a Travel Agency or search engine, so it saves you money¬†if you¬†book direct on the Lufthansa website. This way, you avoid the additional fees and your customer service is looked after by Lufthansa’s own staff, not a 3rd party company. The airline currently flies to over 200 destinations, so take a look at their website to see where:

Lufthansa Banner

Lufthansa Safety Record

Lufthansa are in the top 20 airlines globally for safety and get a full 7/7 score from the Airline Ratings body.

Europe’s Best Airlines: We have a host of airline guide to help you understand airline like German airline Lufthansa, Spanish airline Iberia & the excellent Air France.

Lufthansa Inflight Entertainment:

Lufthansa inflight¬†entertainment¬†is great quality. As well as the current blockbusters you’d expect, you get popular classic films,¬†current and classic¬†TV series, audio books and music. If you’d like to see what films are playing on your flight, enter your flight details here.

  • More than 100 films movies in up to eight languages.
  • More than 200 TV programmes.
  • Large selection for families and children with many movies and TV programmes, Audio books and Music CDs.
  • ‚ÄėBox Sets‚Äô to enjoy featuring whole seasons of TV series.
  • More than 50 Lufthansa Playlists to relax and to groove and to tune in for many destinations.
  • A big selection of Music CDs with an excellent selection of Rock, Pop, Classical and many more,
  • 60 Audio Books in German and English.
  • International programme, including content from the Middle East, India, Japan and China.
  • Simple operation: the user interface can be operated intuitively in the same way as modern tablet interfaces and is available in 10 languages
    By using ‚ÄėmyAudio‚Äôand ‚ÄėmyVideo‚Äô travelers can easily create their personal playlists within the Inflight program.

Lufthansa Fleet:

Lufthansa use a wide variety of aircraft but the most common ones are Airbus A320s. These are well fitted out and regularly updated. The interiors are comfortable and well designed. Take a tour on-board a recently fitted aircraft to see for your self.

Lufthansa Economy:

In economy you will get a 31 inch seat pitch, which is average for a long-haul airline. Lufthansa’s main benefit in economy is that the cabins are modern and clear, making for a more tranquil space. Other useful economy information includes…

  • 23kg checked baggage as standard.
  • Hand luggage of 8kg per person.
  • Excellent in flight entertainment.
  • A decent menu and on-board meals.

Lufthansa Premium Economy:

In the premium cabin, Lufthansa provide a few added benefits along with more space. The seat pitch goes up by 5-7 inches and the width by 1-2 inches, compared to economy. You can also recline to a deeper angle by 2-3 inches but it is by no means ‘lie-flat’. Other benefits include…

  • An upgraded travel kit for comfort.
  • Double the baggage allowance at 46kg but still only 8kg hand luggage.
  • You may enter some of the Lufthansa Business Lounges for a additional fee.
  • An upgraded meal service with metal cutlery and china.
  • A welcome drink and bottle of water.

Lufthansa Business Class:

In business class, Lufthansa provide a huge seat that collapse into a lie-flat bed for sleeping. Additionally, you will gain complimentary access to their business class lounges and a considerably upgraded service. Other benefits include…

  • Priority check in.
  • Lounges.
  • Two cases of checked luggage up to 32kg each.
  • Two pieces of hand luggage at 8kg each.
  • Fine dining experience on-board.
  • Complimentary reading material including daily newspapers.

Take a look at the full Business Class offering from Lufthansa by clicking here:
Lufthansa Banner
If you have any additional questions regarding the Lufthansa service, please leave a comment in the box below.

2 thoughts on “A Guide to Flying with Lufthansa & Promo Code

Add yours

  1. I have to say my experience of flying Lufthansa was absolutely ROTTEN! I used them LHR to Frankfurt then used Condor Airlines (strangely no one seems to be clear on whether they are part owned, associated, or separate but the websites are linked) for the long leg to Puerto Rico.

    We booked an 2 extra full size suitcases and paid the two airlines separately…with difficulty. There was only a few ¬£ difference between the extra baggage charge for the two very different journeys! Then at Heathrow, Lufthansa told me I had only paid Condor and I would have to pay them ¬£150 again.

    When they showed me their own receipt – I never got one from them myself – there were 4 charges shown – 2 extra cases on each leg, at slightly different costs, but an absolute cow at the Heathrow desk still insisted we had not paid! She finally went to see her supervisor after 30 minutes of arguing and said “on this occasion we will allow it but don’t do it again”

    Will never give them my business again, voucher or not!!


    1. Hi there Sue. Condor is owned by the UK travel agent Thomas Cook but they partner with Lufthansa on many routes (codeshare agreement).

      It is always hugely frustrating when things go wrong when you travel. Please note however, we are an independent travel expert blog and have written our post providing independent advice. We are not affiliated with Lufthansa.

      Liked by 1 person

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