Winter Olympics and Hope for Korean Peace

Today is the opening day of the 23rd Winter Olympics and with just moments to go to the opening ceremony, all eyes are on Pyeongchang. Held in the North-eastern mountainous regions of South Korea, this winter Olympics will be a special event. Billed as the point where sport, science and humanity collide, these winter games are about much more than just simply sliding down a hill.

We’ve already seen a historic preamble to the event with a reuniting (of sorts) between old rivals, North and South Korea. What this can mean for the progress and stabilisation of Asian is significant.

Of course, with these winter Olympics, we will be given a great insight into Korean culture, landscapes and behaviour. The games will be a candid chance for the world to witness a potentially peace-inducing moment and see the power of sporting events. All eyes will be on the joint North and South hockey team.

I know from my own experience in watching the London Olympic games and Glasgow Commonwealth Games, how these events can carry with them a sense of community spirit, so we look on with interest to see how things develop in Korea. We hope that with the coldest winter games in history, we will still see the warmest of international coming together.

You can see the full TV schedule for the games over on the BBC site here.


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