Je Suis Charlie – Best French Music Playlist

The French love life. They are a passionate people. Poetic and philosophical. Their language embodies their spirit and is often referred to as the language of love. It sounds as sexy as hell. So does their music, so it is the perfect accompaniment to your adventures. Listen to this playlist, whilst you travel around France, to fully soak up French culture.

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The French Connection…

Whilst sitting on a beach in Asia, I was once asked by a Frenchman “what do you do in life?”. Not, what do you do for a living? Not, what are your hobbies? He put the question in such profound terms that I recall the exact moment 6 years ago, like it was yesterday. I laughed at the time and kind of regret that – I was intoxicated on a milkshake of the fungal variety.

If I were to be asked the same question today, in a sober enough state, I would say that I travel, I learn, I write and I think. Back then such questions were unusual to me but I’ve come round to more of a French way of thinking perhaps. This playlist of the best music from France embodies that spirit.

I have a huge amount of admiration for a wide cross-section of French music. On this playlist you will find historic classics, next to French House music, techno, electropop and indie bands. That and more.

Listen to M83 as you peruse Paris, take in Thomas Balgalter as you travel Toulouse. We’ve got big stars, alongside hidden gems on this French music culture playlist.

Sample Pick: Fauve‘Blizzard’.

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With a recent history that the media would portray as culturally divided, this playlist has been made in tribute to France’s more united moment. “Je suis Charlie” was of course the binding slogan that followed the horrific attack on freedom of speech that took place in Paris a few years ago.

Enjoy this passionately curated playlist. Use it whilst you travel France yourself or simply to get a flavour of the country from afar. And have a think about the French way of doing things. What do you do in life?

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6 thoughts on “Je Suis Charlie – Best French Music Playlist

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  1. That French guy had a very interesting qay of phrasing his question. I like it. It makes you think more about what you do with your life, not just about your job.
    Also, I only know a fraction of the songs on your playlist. I will have to listen to some of them because I’m intrigued by the story of your playlist!


  2. I’m checking this out because I love music! And if I have to be honest I don’t know much about French music. Thank you so much for sharing!


  3. LOVE the playlist, LOVE the post and absolutely LOVE the anecdote! Fungus and all 🙂 Thanks for this one, I’ll be cooking dinner with a cab and this playlist tonight 😉


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