India Travel Music Playlist – Bollywood, Bhangra and Hindi Rock & Roll

Next up on our series of world music playlists, we feature India – home to wonders like the Taj Mahal, the Ganges river and so much incredible music. Switch on this playlist and listen whilst you travel.

We backpackers and travellers have been heading to India for decades. It is known as a classic spiritual pilgrimage and was popular way before travel blogs existed, travel documentaries became popular or even before the Lonely Planet’s guides were written.

It is a well travelled destination but how well do you know it’s culture? If you are going to visit India then you’d be crazy not to absorb their incredible music and musical film culture. From Bhangra beats to sitar tranquillity, the music of India is vibrant.

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Indian Travel Music Playlist

Perhaps we know a little of Indian culture through Western films. Danny Boyle‘s Slumdog Millionaire – although a British production – featured lots of Indian music in the score, alongside M.I.A who is of Tamil decent.

Then there is Yann Martel‘s novel, ‘Life Of Pi’, which features an Indian family’s fantastical journey, as they immigrate from India to Canada. Of course a film followed but sadly only a small amount of Indian music featured in that picture.

These doses were too little, so now it is perhaps time to give Indian culture a more in depth look. If you are heading out to India, involve your senses and open your ears to culture.

Forget Hollywood – give me Bollywood. Tired of bangers? Then you want Bhangra. Sick of indie? Then it’s time to try Hindi.  Welcome to our Bollywood, Bhangra and Hindi Rock & Roll travel playlist.

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