Airline Review: A Guide To Flying Air France

If you are¬†booking an Air France flight, you want to know in advance of making your reservation that you are doing the right thing. As a Travel Consultant of many years, I know Air France’s service inside out and am here to help you. Here is my industry¬†inside review to flying Air France and making the best of it.

First of all, I would recommend booking directly with Air France. If you decide to book with a third-party, then the ownership of your customer service passes to that company. Having just one direct port of call can help you get a better service and avoid additional admin fees, date changes fees or additional cancellations costs. Booking through a travel agent store will cost you more because they have rent and staffing costs to pay. Booking through an online comparison site may save you a few pounds but you will get no customer service from them to help you, they may not be insured, provide ABTA or ATOL protection, or may even be based abroad. Click here to get the best service and book directly on our referral link.


Air France is currently rated as a 4 star airline by the independent ratings body, Skytrax. The¬†French airline rates an average of 6/10 from customer feedback on Skytrax and 3.5/5 on TripAdvisor. The airline is not as premium as the Middle Eastern carriers, is on a par with most of the European long haul carriers and would be considered a little better than most of the American carriers in quality. For example, you wouldn’t get served a complimentary wine on many American carriers but you would on Air France.¬†


Online check in available 30 hours before flight departure and at that point you can pick your seats for free. If you want to do this before hand, you can book your seats as soon as the booking is paid for with a small fee of normally around £15-25. All the Euro airlines  charge for seating these days (BA, Virgin, KLM) but Air France is one of the best value for this. They also charge a bit more for extra legroom seats, upper deck seats on A380s, duo seats and seats right at the front of the cabin.


The vast majority of tickets with Air France have a 23kg luggage allowance. If you are flying short haul in Europe, then it is possible to book a hand luggage only fare and save a little on the costs. If you are flying to Africa then the included luggage allowance is normally double at 46kg over 2 cases.

air france baggage luggage allowance

Economy Class:

  • fully retractable armrests and adjustable footrest (except front rows)
  • a relaxing, contoured chair at 32 inch pitch and 17 inch width
  • an adjustable headrest
  • 118¬į-inclined seat, which better preserves the personal space of each passenger
  • Films and audio on demand. To check out¬†the latest films¬†on offer click here.

Premium Economy (Premium Voyager):

  • Luggage allowance 2 x 23kg
  • A 38 inch seat pitch and 19 inch width
  • Interactive video screen measuring 10.4 in (26 cm)
  • Noise-reducing headset offering high-quality hi-fi sound with the new “Arkamys¬ģ” technology
  • Personal, adjustable reading lamp
  • Electronic PC outlet to charge your laptop computer
  • Wide seat-back tray table allowing you to use simultaneously both your laptop computer and a notebook
  • Travel kit complete with personal care items
  • Pure virgin wool blanket
  • Feather pillow

Business Class:

  • 2 metre long flat bed
  • Hypoallergenic feather pillow
  • Pure wool blanket
  • A¬†“comfort and well-being” kit that includes toiletries and a Clarins moisturizer
  • Power outlet to plug in your laptop or other electronic devices
  • Reading lamp that can be oriented so as not to bother or be bothered by your neighbour,
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Personal telephone to make calls via satellite
  • Express light meals, to lunch or dine quickly after takeoff

First Class (La Premiere):

  • Direct access from your seat to the aisle, no matter where you are sitting.
  • A seat that turns into a real bed, measuring 2¬†m¬†/¬†6.6¬†ft¬†long, complete with a mattress and a duvet comforter.
  • Ample storage space for your belongings. Keep everything you need close at hand, thanks to a spacious drawer located in front of your seat.
  • A wide tray table enabling you to work or enjoy meals with greater ease.
  • 10.4 inch interactive video screen
  • PC Power outlet
  • Auto Massage
  • Telephone

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You are most likely to be travelling on a Boeing 777 with Air France. It is their most common aircraft. Short haul flights are normally on Airbus a319s but they have a few other 100-150 seat aircrafts too. The cabin and interiors are all fairly similar however except on the newest aircraft, which is a little more modern. For long haul flights, Air France has…

  • 15 Airbus A330s
  • 9 Airbus A340s
  • 10 new Airbus A380s (this is the double decker plane)
  • 70 Boeing 777s
  • 5 new Boeing 787 Dreamliner¬†(this is their most green / fuel efficient plane)


If you are booking a long haul flight from anywhere other than Paris, then you will need to get a connecting flight in Paris airport. So long as there is at least 50 minutes minimum connection time at Paris Charles De Gaul airport, then this is fine to take. An hour or more is recommended for passengers who are a little slower or nervous flyers, just to be more comfortable. Gone are the days of connections being tricky in Paris, as the airport was redesigned recently, making this much easier.

Air Miles:

As a member of Sky Team alliance, you can also collect miles from Air France flights into partner air miles accounts. The closest relationships are with KLM and Delta who partner with the French airline on many routes and codeshares.

skyteam member airlines

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You can book your Air France flight through our Air France referral link here with confidence that you are getting the best service. If you have any questions you can add them to the comments section below and we will be glad to answer you.


9 thoughts on “Airline Review: A Guide To Flying Air France

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  1. I haven’t flown with Air France before, but reading great information like this makes me more likely to consider booking with them in the future! The cabins look really comfortable and modern too!


  2. I’m yet to fly Air France; it looks promising. Even the economy class seats sounds comfortable unlike some flights which doesn’t accommodate people of different sizes. I’ll check for them here hopefully there are inexpensive. Thanks for this information.


  3. This is an awesome guide! So much detail, and I had no idea Google maps could show you the inside of an airplane. I have yet to fly air france but they fly cross atlantic now so likely soon!


  4. I have not yet flown by Air france but want to once. They have nice planes and service. You have compiled the information very well. Lets see when will I fly with them.


  5. Here is our experience of Air France in the last 5 years.
    1. 2 baggages lost on a business class flight from Paris to Tokyo- arrived 3d and 7d later. Clothes for my wife were reimbursed .
    2. 5h 12 minutes late on a flight Paris-Havana. Euros 800 reimbursement according to EU rules (business class)
    3. On 29/5/19, my wife had a fall. Assistance was promised in Montpellier to transport her between terminals in Paris to go on to Zagreb, but nothing was done and she had to walk in great pain.

    Conclusion: try to avoid AF whenever you can.


    1. Sounds like a tough time but reassuring to hear that with incidents 1 and 2, some measures were in place to help you recoup. The biggest shame is the third.

      Hope your wife is now well, Ludwig.


  6. Here is our experience of AF in the last 3 years.
    1. BOTH my wife ‚Äės and my luggage lost on a business class flight from Paris to Tokyo.
    My luggage arrived after 3 days, my wife ‚Äės after a full week.
    2. Promise of assistance in transfer in Paris CDG when my wife had a fall and could hardly walk. No assistance was provided when we arrived in Paris.
    3. Flight today again delayed by over 25 minutes- making transfer in Paris nigh on impossible.
    Advice: if you can, take another company.


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