Travel Film: Alternativity in Bethlehem – by Banksy, Riham Isaac & Danny Boyle

In many ways this is an alternative version of the nativity but in some ways, it is more original than any other you will see this Christmas. Directed by Danny Boyle, Riham Isaac and produced by Banksy, the trio attempt to tell the modern-day story of Bethlehem alongside the traditional one, to great effect.

Nothing brings home the troubles of the West Bank, like seeing the nativity story of peace and goodwill being told in the modern-day Bethlehem setting of oppression and cultural divide.

Watch the full Alternatively play here courtesy of the BBC.

Watch More: If you love travel documentaries in challenging places, take a look at Stealing Africa documentary or Channel 4’s The Tribe series.

Whilst, I should point out that this blog takes no sides in the Middle Eastern tensions, I do think programmes of this nature highlight and can help to shine the light towards peaceful solutions, through raising awareness. This of course is primarily a great documentary and nativity show, to help people learn about the region.

We wish everyone in the West Bank a peaceful seasonal period and hope next year brings about the building of more bridges, than it does walls. See the ‘making of’ documentary below.




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