Best German Music Playlist – Neunundneunzig Luftballons

Germany is one of the most fascinating cultures in Europe. It is the current king of the European Union, economic super-power. It’s capital was divided by a wall down the middle until less than thirty years ago. The country was the instigator of two world wars within the last one-hundred years but also one of the biggest hosts of displaced refugees from more recent conflicts.

A lot has happened in Germany over the last century, so it has a rich and diverse history to influence its music culture. Helping us to select the electronic tracks Berlin has become synonymous with is travel blogger and four-yearĀ resident of Berlin, Kirstin Addis. Adding some of the most innovative new German acts, Thomas Schmiedichen from German new music blog We Love That Sound, makes his selection.

German Travel Music Playlist:

The picture you see above may not be of red ballons but there could easily have been ninety nine or more. These balloons were released over Berlin, to celebrate twenty five years since the fall of the Berlin wall. Just imagine a wall running right through the centre of your hometown. Imagine it separates you from ever seeing members of your own family. Imagine what it would feel like when that wall fell, at last.

Germany is a country that has been through many of history’s biggest challenges from the last century but boy,Ā has it come through them well! The wall has fallen and they are now the worlds leading country in housing refugees. This is a country that has turned things around. There is much today that Germany should celebrate. And German music is the perfect soundtrack to do that party.

From the twisted modern beats of DJ Koze, to the riconicĀ Krautrock of NEU! From the old-skool r’n’b of Milli Vanili, to the stadium-filling computer love of Kraftwerk. This world music playlist ventures through much of the finest music that Germany has to offer.


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