Best New Zealand Music Playlist – Aotearoa

Here is our best New Zealand travel music playlist, compiled with a little help from our friends,¬†Kiwi travel & music journalist extraordinaire¬†Zoe Macfarlane. Together, we’ve created the ideal soundtrack to your travels in NZ, full of rich cultural music.

For this playlist, we ventured deep into the music that Kiwi and Maori culture has to offer. The country has such a rich resource of diverse music, so you might be surprised by how many hugely international musicians they have.

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On this playlist, you will hear that New Zealanders are an uncompromising bunch. There’s no manufactured, fast-food style music here. All the acts here are fiercely independent, from Lorde who was just 16 when she wrote ‘Royals’ and burst onto the global stage, to old greats like the Finn brothers, who have been churning out classics in bands like Split Enz and Crowded House for decades.

Sample Pick: Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘So Good At Being In Trouble’.

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Through cultural respect, the New Zealand arts industry is equally admirable of indigenous music. There is huge crossover between these cultures and that of the more recent settlers but still, a bespoke pacific islanders and Maori scene exists. Musicians like Aaradhna and Nesian Mystik exist as a mainstay in the New Zealand charts and are multi-award winners, across the board, whilst also leading the indigenous music scene too.

Take a listen to this amazing music culture and enjoy this travel music playlist whilst you tour the island they call Aotearoa. Through their openness to diversity, they have created one of the most interesting music scenes across the globe.



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