Best African Music Playlist – Drum Languages

Let me be clear. African music is astounding. We just barely hear any of it because it is the least represented area by the music industry, of any continent in the world. This might be music’s greatest mistake, as this playlist is about to prove to you. Heart, soul, passion, innovation  – this African Music Playlist features sounds from the Sahara to the Cape of Good Hope.

The Lokele people of the Congo use two-tone log drums to communicate phrases in their language.  They can accomplish this because their language is tonal.”Phil Tulga.

When a group of people can use a drum to do so much more than just keep time in music, you know they have a special relationship with music. The drum beat is a form of communication to the people in the Congo. This is just one example of where African music takes things to another level entirely.

Sure, there’s a few names you’ll recognise here and a few familiar sounds. Although it is just the tip of the Iceberg in his back-catalogue, Youssou N’Dour’s ‘Seven Seconds’ is a blast from the past. The modern sounds of Mali are a big draw these days with Acts like Tinariwen and Amadou & Mariam. We have barely scratched the surface though and it seems a shame that many of these musicians aren’t better known.

Whether you are interested in travelling in Africa, taking iconic trips like the Garden Route, to going on safari, or just want to hear some music from the continent you might not have heard before, I hope you enjoy Drum Languages – African Music Playlist.

african music drum

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