Australian Music Playlist – Charge Up Bunji

Now, clearly one person couldn’t curate this vast Australian music playlist alone – it a rich collaboration of efforts. With resident Aussie experts, this one was up to Kate – representing the West Coast – and our friend Thom – representing the East Coast. Here they take us on a journey through Aussie’s music history and into its deepest crevices. To take the depth of knowledge a local has and use it in collaboration with a few other sources, leads us here to one of our strongest and longest playlists.

It needs to be long though. Australia is about the same size as Europe. If you’ve going to travel the length and breadth of the country, then you’re going to need a decent amount of music to keep you going.

Featuring international acts of old, like Nick Cave and AC/DC, the playlist takes a trip down memory lane. It also had a comprehensive history or indigenous Australia music, to ensure the original inhabitants have a voice. Modernism and technique are trademarks of the new Aussie breed however and Tame Impala and Gotye lead the way.

No Aussie playlist would be complete without a nod to the huge hits from Kylie and Natalie Imburlia however – you just can’t get them out of your head. Earworm pop is their trade and they’ve done such an amazing job of it, to become household names all over the world. Those acts aside, there are ‘heaps’ (as the Aussies would say) of acts that are little known beyond their own shores, that are deserving of your ears. Take a little listen to this Australian music playlist and you will hear for yourself.

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