Travel Advisor: The Most Useful Travel Websites Online

As a Travel Advisor, I get the inside track on the travel industry from working within it every day. The people I help, use my services because they want trained expertise and experience. I understand of course, that for those some, part of the fun is building and planing their trip themselves. For those people, here are the most useful travel websites, I’ve found in my three and a half years, as a Travel Consultant. (If you want specific travel advice, please leave a comment in the box below)

CIBT Visas – Do you need a visa where you’re going? this website will tell you. They do also offer reliable visa services.

Couchsurfing – A cost efficient and community based way to travel around. Also perhaps the most efficient way to travel if you are looking to minimise your CO2 impact.

Rail Europe – This fine website can help you book rail passes and trains all over Europe.

voyages sncf rail europe train

F.C.O. – The Foreign Commonwealth Office website is one of the most up to date sources on travel safety and security issues. One of the best site for info about travel online.

Flight Radar 24Flight Aware  – Live flight tracking sites that let me know exactly when a flight arrives. I’ve used these guys a bunch of times to help me know when to swoop in and pick someone up at the airport in less than 10 mins, minimising car parking charges.

Flight Aware
Flight Aware Tracking System

Duolingo – I love how easy and fun this site makes learning languages.

Holiday Weather – This is the site if you want to know how much sun or rainfall you’ll get in any destination in the world.

Skyscanner – I personally wouldn’t book flights through many of the companies on Skyscanner but I love the search engine’s facilities for finding options.

The Man In Seat 61 – A guide to rail journeys the world over. A very useful blog.

the man in seat 61

Masta – Check what vaccinations you need for any given country.

Lonely Planet – A classic and still great for budget travel advice, in destination.

These sites are great sources of information and I still use them as a travel advisor today. You’d be suprised at how many people I speak to who get excited about a trip and forget something important when booking travel online. Check thes resources to make sure you haven’t rushed in. As a travel advisor, there’s nothing worse than hearing that people haven’t enjoyed there trip.

most useful travel websites online

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