Canadian Music Playlist – Maple Leafs vs Canucks

This Canadian music playlist was easy. Canada has lots of great music and it’s easy to pick up on because it gets plenty of international attention. The Canadian government even help up and coming Canadian musicians with grants, so if you are a musician from Canada, there is a lot of support to help your music get heard. I wish more governments would value music in this way and invest in initiatives this across the world.

I really enjoyed putting together this Canadian music playlist, even if it was the quickest one I’ve made so far. There are lots of bands on it I love, from Arcade Fire and Leonard Cohen on the serious side, to Crash Test Dummies and Carly Rae Jepson on the more fun side.

Click here for Maple Leafs & Canucks – Canadian Music Playlist or listen below.

And that’s the thing about Canadian musicians. I’m not sure they take themselves too seriously. By that, I mean many musicians seem to be playful with the music they make. They can be lighthearted, even in the face of serious or melancholy subject sometime. I think thats such a valuable trait to have. It’s a great quality to have and perhaps one of the reasons Canadians in general are so amiable.

Aside from government funding and a great attitude, Canada has talent in spades. It doesn’t always get the credit that it deserves however. It’s all to easy to think Canadian musicians are from the USA and many people fall into that trap. DON’T BE ONE OF THEM!

They have highly respected musicians like Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. You are in the company of multi-million albums sellers like Celion Dion and Alanis Morrissette. Canada also has brand new trend setters like Grimes and The Weekend. They are a country with a great music past, present and future.

You could argue that Canada isn’t the most exotic country for us to cover with a travel music playlist – it is culturally similar to my home country of Scotland, after all. Canada and Scotland have great links but it doesn’t feel too similar. With millions of French speakers, a huge cultural melting pot of immigrants from all over the world and such a vast landscape, Canada is a place we couldn’t miss.

Enjoy the playlist – it’s got some epic music on it.

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