Moshi Moshi – Japanese Music Playlist

The beauty of Japanese culture, is that it is so vastly different to our own that it seems other worldly. Whilst curating the Japanese music playlist, my main concern was that some music might be a little abrasive for the average listener to enjoy. I toiled over taking out some of the more unusual tracks.

Ultimately, to do that would give an incorrect view of Japanese music and what’s the point of watering down another countries culture to make it more palatable? There is absolutely no point whatsoever. If you can embrace the culture, even when it might be a little challenging, then you are a true traveller.

This playlist features a disproportionate volume of Okinawan music. The traditional folk music from the remote islands is amazing. They know how to live in Okinawa. In fact, they are also the longest living humans of any community in the world. There are 457 people aged over 100 years old in Okinawa, out of their 100k inhabitants. What a fascinating community.

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In Japan as a whole, the average life expectancy is 83.7 years. That compares to 82.8 in Australia, 81.2 in the UK, 79.3 in the USA. So there is something to be said for eating raw fish and having a diet high in vegetables. What is most shocking about life expectancy records by country however, is the bottom of the list. There are many African countries barely able to reach an average of 60 years, which is sad.

So here we have Resfeber’s Japanese Music Playlist for you to enjoy. It features some great bands like Boris and Bo Ningen – the later whom I once interviewed for DIY Magazine. The experimental side of Japanese music is world leading. These are bands who are well-respected all over the world. Boredom’s album ‘Vision Creation Newsun’ is considered a modern-day classic and is a sonic wonder. Delve deep into one of the most exciting music cultures on the planet.

(photo credit: DIY Mag – Bo Ningen)

Bo Ningen Japan

It’s not all wild, though. There are plenty of calm zen like moments for you to relax to also. The Okinawan music mentioned before is twee, organic and wonderous. Close your eyes and you’ll be transported to somewhere heavenly.

Japanese music is an etherial experience, so enjoy your escape. This playlist contains a genuine run through their absorbing culture and is a rewarding journey. You’ll learn from them, they’ll transport you, you’ll enjoy listening to them. Welcome to ‘Moshi Moshi’Japanese Music Playlist. 

Click here to open Moshi Moshi – Japanese Music Playlist on Spotify.

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