Ryanair Flight Cancellations – My Experience

So, Ryanair have cancelled my return flight from Rome to Edinburgh in December. As a Travel Consultant, I wanted to blog how I’m tackling the situation and help the other half a million customers who’s flights they are cancelling, to understand how to resolve the situation and what their rights are.

To explain the current situation, Ryanair haven’t planned their staff holidays well enough and have a huge backlog, which now means they are having to cancel many flights, effecting almost half a million customers.

ryanair cancellation

Upon receiving an email informing me of cancellation, there are two basic options available to me. I can rebook on another date with them or get a refund. The email states that I am not entitled to any compensation from them as they have provided me with 14 days notice.

From there, I wanted to know what my options were. As I am flying from Glasgow to Milan with easyJet, my outward flight is fine. I just need to find a way home. I headed over to Skyscanner to search all direct flights from Italy to Glasgow on the day I wanted to return and found an option I was happy to use from Milan, to Glasgow, as a replacement with easyJet. I will apply for a refund from Ryanair. But that’s not all…

Skyscanner cancellation flight search

My trip to Italy was into Milan, over to Venice and then down to Rome, where I was due to fly with Ryanair to Edinburgh. As I was now flying home from Milan, I needed to look at transport options on the ground to get me from Rome to Milan to catch my flights. I use Voyage SNCF to book all my European train journeys and find it a good site.

voyage sncf rome to milan train

Now, that will leave me out-of-pocket of course. I will have to spend money to get from Rome to Milan on a train. I may have to book an extra nights hotel but I bet my financial losses and trouble won’t be anything like that of some people.

Lets look at Financial Protection

As Ryanair have given me more than 14 days notice, they claim they do not need to offer any compensation, beyond a flight refund. It is unclear if this is legally true but morally, Ryanair should foot the bill for additional expenses.

I read through my travel insurance policy to see if they could help. Now I have a very good quality, annual multi-trip policy but it states clearly that when the airline decide to cancel the flight for their own beneficial reasons, that they do not cover this. This is morally correct. I cannot expect my travel insurance to cover me for anything other than ‘act of god’ type events. Ryanair decided to cancel the flight, so it was their fault. Here are my insurers terms.

Insurance terms cancellation flight

Cancellation and amendment costs

Next up, if you booked your flights as part of a package with a travel company in the UK, they will cover your holiday using ABTA & ATOL protection. That protection is only to be used in cases of insolvency however. It is not appropriate for a flight cancellation.

So in summary, this all means that a huge number of customers could lose out on their holidays, hotel costs, replacement travel costs and experience a lot of stress.

The only following course of action I can think of that is left is to consider using the Small Claims Court against Ryanair and seeking advice from ABTA & The Citizens Advice Bureau.

I wish you all luck and please comment below if you would like any further help from me. Thanks, Ian.


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