Travel Playlist: Ma Che Vuoi – Italian Music

We went to Italy recently, so I selfishly made this Italian music playlist for my trip. Working with our friends over at the exceptional, Hype Machine featured Italian music blog, The Breakfast Jumpers, we put together a rich and diverse example of Italy’s music scene for visitors to Italy to listen to whilst they travel.

Starting with the modern sounds, The Breakfast Jumpers team have put together a selection of their favourite Italian music from the last few years. From the psychedelic experimentation of Squadra Omega, up to the fierce but rewarding screamo rock of Shizune and back down to earth with the soothing ambience of The Volume Setting Folder.

personally, I love old Italian songs just as much as the new. One of my favourites on the travel playlist is an old, dramatic pop song from the sixties by Mina, called ‘Se Telefonando’. They just don’t make them much like that anymore – the closest you’ll probably get is Anglo-Italian songwriter Anna Calvi, who takes great influence from her Italian heritage. This playlist is full of classic Italian songs.

More Italy: Take a look at our guide to Italy by train, or an alternate route from our friends at Got My Backpack, for a great one week itinerary in Italy.

I hope to have kept the playlist in keeping with Italian culture. That is to say that I want each of the music playlists we create, to be reflective of the culture that they represent. With the Italian playlist, we have included lots of their well manicured pop music too.

The Italian are a fashionable, highly stylised bunch and their pop music is a reflection of this. That means, whilst you might personally not consider much pop music to your taste, to ignore Italy’s pop scene would be to ignore a huge part of their culture. Gaudy and machismo as it may be, it is them.

Sample Pick: Mina‘Se Telefonando’.

There’s a mix of Italian music artists on this playlist. Their music explores a broad range of genres. There are opera classics like Pavarotti, stylish modern pop acts like Giorgia, through to traditional cantu a tenore pastoral, harmonic singing.

Italian music playlist

There is a broad range of sounds on offer but it is the vintage days of the 60’s and 70’s that I love the most about Italian music. This era was filled with cinematic, grandiose, dramatic music. The kind of music that could soundtrack James Bond sipping a Martini cocktail in Capri through or Michael Caine driving through the alps.

If you are heading off to Italy anytime soon, I’d recommend you look up what ‘ma che vuoi’ means too. You’ll probably already know the hand gestures, as this Italian expression is world-renowned. It describes Italians perfectly, in a non-verbal sense. They are a hugely expressive bunch of people and that is a wonderful thing. You always know what an Italian is feeling.

Enjoy the playlist, from opera, to classical Italian songs, to modern pop and traditional music. And enjoy Italy like a local with this travel music playlist.

Click here for the web version of Ma Che Vuoi – Italy Playlist 


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