Thule Culture – Greenland Playlist

Did you know Greenland is the biggest island in the world? People will tell you it’s Australia but that’s actually a continental landmass. Did you know that Greenland is the third largest country in north America? Did you realise that Greenland is the least densely populated country in the world with just 60k people in all that space?

Greenland is a fascinating place. How can a country so big, have so few people? Mainly because it’s utterly freezing, I’d imagine but that doesn’t put me off. It makes it more alluring.

Click here for Thule Culture – Greenland Playlist on Spotify or play below.

Here we have an excellent sample of Greenland’s music scene. How can a country with the same amount of people as Inverness, have such a vibrant bunch of musicians? The Greenlandic music scene is one that is very interesting because of its creative concentration. When I last visited Iceland, I found that to be a hyper-concentrated place of creativity and that sense is perhaps only outdone by Greenland. It seems like a culture that values creativity much higher than other countries. So much so, that almost everyone seems to be artist in one way or another.

Huge swathes of people in the UK and indeed other countries have little to no creative hobbies. Our culture of working hard and chasing money is perhaps the biggest distraction but creativity is important to life and health. The act of ‘flow’ is known to help with long terms happiness. ‘Flow’ is the act of doing something that takes all of your concentration – an all-consuming act. This could be painting, writing, playing guitar, surfing or tightrope walking. Anything that needs 100% of your attention and focus. I guess when it’s freezing outside like it is in Greenland, those pursuits tend to be done indoors and hence the ultra-creative society.

With a tinge of isolation and a hint of colloquial inflection, this travel playlist is an exciting listen. It feature the modern rock bands, indie and folk music, along with some traditional singing and indigenous culture. It is always interesting to se how isolated communities translate international influences and incorporate them into their own homegrown music culture. You can hear all that on ‘Thule Culture’.

Enjoy the playlist and visit Greenland to understand a culture with more creativity than you can shake a stick at. Whats your ‘flow’?

Greenland Harbour

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