What Kind Of Traveller Are You?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my own reasons for travel and why I want to do it again. I think I’m a different kind of person from the intrepid young man in his twenties, who set off for Panama 7 years ago. Back then, I guess I was a bit of a party backpacker but I want to get a little bit more from my next trip. In order to get my head round it, I started to examine the different travellers I’ve met and analyse their reasons as well as my own. And whilst doing this, I realised a few amusing traits and had a little fun along the way. Don’t take this too seriously.

What kind of traveller are you?


The Party Traveller:
You party hard, meet lots of other backpackers and see some great sights. You might be on your gap year or a twenty something traveller. You tend to meet other travellers more than locals and see the famous, conventional sights. You have a reputation for sexual promiscuity that comes from a combination of an overwhelming social need to overcome loneliness and alcohol. You like to travel the USA, Australia, NZ, Asia and Europe.
Verdict: You travel to have fun.

The Deep Traveller:
You like to go to places and attempt to get to know the way of life, locals and culture. When I say culture, I don’t just mean historic sights, old ruins and history. I mean modern culture too. Politics, popular music, film, comedy. The deep traveller wants to get to know the people, not just tour guides – although they can be a great introduction to getting to know the locals – but the bar tender, the barista, the shop clerk, a random person at a bus stop. You’re more likely to travel South or Central America, Asia, Africa or Russia.
Verdict: You travel to learn.

The Shoestring Traveller:
This backpacker is a little more subdued than most. You’ll find them with a book in their hands for entertainment. They rarely drink because it’s one of the biggest expenses on the road. There’s an ethical side to you and traits like veganism, politics, philosophy and environmental issues are normally not far from your thoughts. We will more than likely find you in Asia, South America or Africa.
Verdict: You travel as a lifestyle choice.

The Trustafarian:
You have been given or inherited money and decided to use it to travel and find yourself. You will be looked down upon by other travellers for not having earned your experience but it’s not your fault you’re rich. You are closely related to the Champaign Socialist and will probably grow into one. You like new age, mystical things like reiki and talking about your aura.
Verdict: You travel to try and not be like your high society parents.

The Flashpacker:
There’s no way you’re sharing cooking facilities with a hostel full of unwashed travellers. There’s also no way you’d consider talking to anyone outside of your co-travellers. You say things like ‘urgh, I could never sleep in a dorm’ whilst posting a photo of your 4 star chain hotel room on Instagram with the hashtag #Wanderlust. We’ll most likely find you in Western countries.
Verdict: You travel to show off about it on Social Media.

The Travel Blogger:
You started to travel, saw many beautiful parts of the world and found your one true love. You wrote about it for friends back home and because your passion shone through in your writing, your website started to get a few extra hits. Now you sell posts you write to whoever will pay you and you pretend to like their product to justify it to yourself. Travel is now dead to you but blogging beats going back to the 9-5. We’ll most likely find you staring into your laptop in a hostel anywhere.
Verdict: You travel to make a living.

Thanks, Ian

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