Trench To Bench To Altiplano – Chile Playlist

Here is some of the best music Chile has to offer, in my humble opinion. There’s some amazing sounds on this Chilean playlist. The country has so much music of quality that it really was no challenge to put together this playlist.

Featuring the best of modern electronic, to indie, rock and traditional folk and cumbia. Take a dive into the innovative, soulful, playful and fun music this amazing country has to offer. Chilean music has a huge amount of energy infused into it and they are as innovative as they are passionate, as you will hear.

Click here for Trench to Bench to Altiplano – Chile Playlist or listen below.

There are internationally acclaimed musicians like Nicolas Jaar, who made a great impression on the New York and British dance and electro scene. There are also some of the more locally acclaimed musicians like the amazing pop vocal talent of Francisca Valenzuela and the-cool-as-hell indie of Denver.

Denver are the type of band I would expect to do very well with young European music fans. They are a fiercely independent band with lo-fi videos and a DIY ethic. I think thats an approach which we really admire in this part of the world. Denver are making great music under their own steam and building a very good reputation as a fun, cool, energectic band.

I know its sometimes hard to take a chance and listen to something new but this playlist is a prime example of how rewarding it can be to take that chance. You’ll likely come accross some music, the likes of which you’ve never heard before. I am sure there is something within this playlist for everyone. And everyone who takes the time to listen to it, also has the chance to step away, a little more knowledgable about Chile and their little section of the world. Enjoy the playlist and soundtracking your trip to Chile.

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