Buckfast & Battered Mars – Scotland Playlist

This playlist, out of all of the playlists on this blog, is a the biggest one for me. My home playlist. I’m not an overly patriotic person but I do appreciate my home culture and here is a great example of it.

Click here for Buckfast & Battered Mars – Playlist On Spotify

On the playlist we have some Scottish acts who hit global stardom, including Ayrshire rockers, Biffy Clyro and Annie Lennox, who’s work with Eurythmics launched her career. Aside from the bih hits, we delve much deeper into Scottish culture. There is barely a country pub that wouldn’t erupt into song at the sound of the first few bars of ‘Caledonia’. Whilst Dougie McLean provide the old folk, King Creosote provides the more recent link to Scotland’s folk scene. This playlist isn’t only routed in the past as the King proves, alongside modern acts like Young Fathers and CHVRCHES.

So whilst you listen with the lyrics of Dougie McLean ringing in your ears, “Caledonia you’re calling me and I think about you all the time” I hope you’ll consider dropping in to visit us and checking out Scotland.

This travel playlist is a great mix of Scottish pub sing-a-longs and modern music with a traditional twist. It’s perfect to soundtrack your drive through the Glencoe pass, just as well as a Glasgow house party.

With tongue in cheek, it one of Scotland’s favourite drinks – Buckfast – which lends its name to the playlist, as well as the less popular but equally as famous Scottish culinary delight – the battered mars bar. I hope you try both during your time in Scotland. I’m not a fan of either but just for fun, it’s worth a go. Enjoy – the playlist that is, not the buckie and fried chocolate, blurrrgh!

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