The Best Travel Shows, Films & Documentaries Ever Made

Many of the most inspiring travellers these days, are characters  from the big screen. Both real and fictional intrepid explorers alike, will set off your wanderlust. We select the best travel films, documentaries and shows available, covering Asia, The Americas, Europe and Africa.

Dara & Ed’s Road To Mandalay & Great Big Adventure

Traditional travel shows don’t really do it for me. There needs to be something more than good scenery and far away destinations. Irish comedians Dara O’Briain and Ed Byrne add great conversation and an amusing point of view to their two travel documentaries, exploring Central America and South East Asia. Comedy aside, they are two great friends, sharing a trip of a lifetime and the comradery is just as entertaining as the culture.

ed dara road madalay resfeber travel blogs. best showsjpg

Romesh Ranganathan’s Asian Provocateur

As a second generation immigrant to the UK, Comedian Romesh Ranganathan attempts to get to know his Sri Lankan heritage to please his mother in this hilarious travel documentary. Along the way she sets him up in many a humiliating situation with hilarious outcomes. Comedy and travel at its best.

Asian Provocateur resfeber travel blogs films shows bes documentaries

Bruce Parry’s Tribe

Watch ex-army explorer Bruce Parry intergrate with the most vastly different cultures available on the earth, as he lives with remote tribes and learns about their way of life. The way Parry is able to build rapport, respect and even effection from the tribal people is incredible. These are must watch travel films.

Bruce Parry Tribe Travel Documentaries

Lost In Translation

An emotional portrait of Tokyo and Japan from a westerns perspective. A great film with a brilliant soundtrack. Directed by Sophie Coppola, this film stars the great Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson.

lost in translation resfeber travel blogs films shows best documentaries

Levison Wood’s Walking The Nile

Ex-army man and British long-distance walker, Levison Wood attempt to find the river Nile’s source and walk it’s whole 7000km length to the sea, through 40 plus degree heat. This is a powerful and personal endurance expedition, excellently filmed and with some incredibly poignant moments.

levison wood walking nile best travel shows films resfeber

The Beach

A Classic and the greatest travel film of a generation, as Leo DiCaprio’s character goes off to backpack Asia and happens across the perhaps finest beach in the world.

the beach film travel best documentaries resfeber. showsjpg

Richard Ayoade’s Travel Man – 48 Hours In…

Dry, witty and ridiculous. This travel show explores weekend breaks throughout Europe to begin with before breaching out to further afield in later shows. Hilarious guests accompany Ayoade as he grumpily travels the globe.

travel man films shows documentaries best resfeber

Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations

A man, getting drunk in various places. He swears too much and has a flippant demeanour but Bourdain is an entertaining and knowledgeable presenter. His knack for getting under the skin of a destination in these documentaries makes great TV, even if he is a little rough round the edges. Bourdain is the king of rock & roll travel shows.

anthony bourdain best travel shows.png

Into The Wild 

A film based on a true story of one mans personal pilgrimage from the USA, northbound to Alaska. A story of a man learning what is important to him, as he sheds his possessions and travels in the most hardcore of ways possible.

into the wild best travel films.png

Bruce Parry: Tawai – A Voice From The Forrest

Take a journey through the forests of Borneo, via the banks of the Ganges river and into the highlands of Scotland. This powerful and exceptional documentary film from seasoned champion of indigenous cultures, Bruce Parry, is an eye-opening experience.

Bruce Parry Tawai

Walking The Caucasus – Levison Wood

In his most recent travel documentary series, Lev Wood cuts back on the chronicling of his personal journey and delves deeper into the culture of the places he visits. It is his finest work yet.


Worst Place To Be A Pilot

The pilots of Susi Air risk life and lib on a daily basis. As air travel is the only efficient method of connecting the thousands of islands that make up Indonesia, Susi Air provide a vital service. With the toughest flying conditions of anywhere in the world and the most primitive of runway and airport services, this is no walk in the park for wannabe pilots.

Worst Place to be a Pilot


Back in the 70’s, an Australian woman walked across the outback from Alice Springs to the west coast of Australia. Her journey – along with three camels and a dog – is an inspiring look at the reasons that motivated her trip and the respectful way in which she carried it out.

tracks film australia

Enjoy the films. These are the best travel documentaries around.

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