Playlist: ‘Ja’ pronounced ‘Yow’ means ‘Yes’ – Icelandic Music 

The Northern Lights, volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls – incredible sights need an incredible soundtrack and Icelandic music is perfect to do just that. The land of sagas and fairies is a magical place. So much so that I’ve personally visited Iceland on four occasions and even once specifically to attend an Icelandic music festival and see Icelandic bands. I had a blast at Iceland Airwaves Festival.

There are lots of great Icelandic bands considering how small the country it is. Some very famous like John Grant or Of Monsters & Men; some a little more colloquial like bands from the Icelandic folk music scene. Whether hugly famous or not, each Icelandic band has a flavour of the country, running through their music. It would be impossible to live somewhere like Iceland and not have it effect your music.

‘Ja’ pronounced ‘Yow’ means ‘Yes’ – Playlist On Spotify

Through splendid isolation, Icelanders have cultivated their own unique culture and the influence on their music is clear. From Sigur Ros’ made up language, to Bjork’s ethereal music and visuals, there is something fresh and different about each Icelandic musician on this playlist.

If you are heading out to Iceland, along with this playlist, check out our post regarding our favourite hangouts in Reykjavik. The city has some great cafe’s and bar to hole up in and get a little rest, in between tours and excursions.

Icelandic music is so good, I have written about it many times on other blogs and magazines but there is no substitute to going there and seeing it yourself. I’d recommend heading off to Iceland Airwaves 2018 if you can. It was at the festival a few years back that I learned and fell in love with the way Icelanders say ‘yes’ in their own language. Hence ‘ja’ pronounced ‘yow’ means ‘yes’. Enjoy these excellent Icelandic bands.

Check out our Iceland Music & Scenic Documentary also, for some further Icelandic inspiration.

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