Saving Up To Travel Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

One of the most common reasons I hear from people heading off travelling, is that they want to “live in the moment” or “seize the day”. It’s as good a reason as any however, if this means years of sacrifices, budgeting and saving to prepare for a trip, then that doesn’t sound very much like living in the moment, does it? I’m pleased to say, on Resfeber Travel Blog, we think there is another way.

After watching ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things’ on Netflix, I’ve come to realise there is a different approach to preparing and saving for backpacking or travel. We can not only enjoy budgeting but enhance our experience during the time when we are saving funds.

How? The process of shedding personal belongings that we don’t really need can be liberating, as well as giving our travel fund a cash boost by selling these excess items. Additionally, you are also reducing the space you’ll need to store things whilst you’re away. This saves you space, earns you money and is a great personal learning experience to.

Take a look at the ‘Minimalism’ trailer here to understand a little more about the process and benefits.

Over the coming weeks, I am going to start the process of minimising my belongs and will write and video blog about the benefits and drawbacks here, on Resfeber Travel Blog. Check back in soon, to see how I’ve got on.

In addition to the above saving technique, I will be employing many other cash saving tips including:

  1. Streamlining household bills.
  2. Cutting out membership accounts like the gym and exercising outdoors for free.
  3. Changing from my fancy hairdresser to a low cost barber.
  4. Joining my supermarkets points scheme.
  5. Making my own coffee to take to work instead of buying.
  6. Considering brining in a lodger to my spare room.
  7. Saving spare change in a jar.
  8. Buying clothes from a charity store.
  9. Instead of getting a phone upgrade, taking a sim only deal and using my old phone.
  10. Changing credit card account to get an interest free balance transfer.
  11. Changing bank account to take a £100 cash offer and reduced fees.
  12. Asking for gifts to my travel fund for birthdays and Christmas.

Check back in for more tips as I go.

Thanks, Ian

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