Video: Iceland Travel Documentary – About The Little Things

Here is a scenic travel documentary of a recent trip Kate and I took to Iceland on Resfeber Travel Blog. I made this to practise my film making skills, in preparation for starting the blog.

It features many of the best sights and cultural places in Reykjavik and south west Iceland. The music is by Sigur Ros. We also wrote a whole post about the best cafes, bars and food hangouts in Reykjavik that you can read for more tips.

Iceland has some breath-taking scenery and some very famous landmarks which are included in this video but we also wanted to cover the smaller things that make it such a special place. The tiny details of a place are often the things I enjoy most. How comfortable a cafe feels is a mixture of how good the coffee and food is, what music or sounds can I hear, what is the decor like, it is warm enough – I could go on. All of these things come together to make a place great. It’s as much about the little details you don’t notice immediately, perhaps more so.

Iceland is a magical place and most people head there with one thing on their minds. It took me several visits to see the northern lights. During my multiple visits, I built up a selection of go to spots close to Reykjavik, which I would head out to hoping to see the aurora. Of course you need to keep an eye on cloud cover and aurora activity but when that is all in place, the final thing you need to think about is where is best to see them.

Below is a map of my favourite spots depending on the conditions. Fans of cannabis culture will want to head south out of Reykjavik along route 41, towards the airport but not as far as that. Turn off when you get to route 420 and drive along into the darkened wilderness until you get to a church called Kalfatjarnarkirkja.

route 420 cannabis northern lights

If the weather is really bad, then head to Grotta Lighthouse, which is on the end of the Reykjavik peninsula. This way, if you need to get home easily or its really late, you haven’t far to go. I think this is where my brother proposed to his now wife.

Grotta Lighthouse map

Another great spot is to head out, as if you are going on the golden circle and turning off near to Mosfellskirkja church. This area is starting to climb into the mountains, so its a bad idea if the conditions are poor but a little elevation and complete darkness will help you see low-level displays.

Mosfellskirkja map

For this video, we hunted down the Reykjavik’s best cafes, restaurants, stores and lesser mentioned places in Iceland. The video doesn’t shout about these places however, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to see them. Let’s keep this our little secret, okay!

Let me know if you have any questions about the trip.


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