From Russia With Gloves – Russian Music Playlist

I’m a big believer that here in the Western world, we are oblivious to the good sides of other cultures. We are so used to seeing negative things in the news about other societies and a balanced view just simply isn’t given. This is for me, one of the huge motivations to get out and see these parts of the world – to see for myself and make sense of these places. I do this with the playlists I make also. I see it as an insight into the culture of a place, so if you think about it, you can travel there without even moving.

I saw an interview with Edward Snowden recently that I found very interesting. Regardless of your personal opinions of the man, he has a detailed experience of both the U.S. and Russian government and how they run their respective countries. In that interview, Snowden expressed his surprise at how liberal living in Russia is. He was keen to point out that the political situation there was far from perfect but it also was not what we make it out to be. That’s a first hand experience that it is hard to discount.

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I am going to travel through Russia on the next big trip I am currently preparing for. As a music fan and journalist, I wanted to seek out some Russian music to whet the appetite and get a sense of if there was such huge differences between our respective parts of the world, in terms of music culture. This really intrigues me.

This Russian Music Playlist has many great songs, by wonderful Russian musicians, that show there is so much in common that we can appreciate from Russian culture. This is music that anyone in the world could enjoy with an open mind, so here is a travel playlist of my favourite Russian music to share with you all. And if you are planning to visit Russia, I hope this can soundtrack your Russian Adventure.

From Russia With Gloves Playlist

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