Best Russian Music Playlist – From Russia With Gloves

I’m a big believer that here in the Western world, we are often oblivious to the good sides of other cultures. We are so used to seeing negative things in the news about other societies and a balanced view just simply isn’t given.

This is for me, one of the huge motivations to get out and see these parts of the world – to see for myself and make sense of these places.

We do this with the playlists we make also. We see it as an insight into the culture of a place, so if you think about it, you can travel there without even moving. Listen bellow or follow on Spotify.

Russian Music Playlist – From Russia With Gloves

I saw an interview with Edward Snowden recently that I found very interesting. Regardless of your personal opinions of the man, he has a detailed experience of both the U.S. and Russian government and how they run their respective countries.

In that interview, Snowden expressed his surprise at how liberal living in Russia actually is. He was keen to point out that the political situation there was far from perfect but it also was not what our press make it out to be. That’s a first hand experience that it is hard to discount.

Playlist Sample Pick:

Motorama‘Wind In Her Hair’.

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From Russia With Gloves Playlist

I am going to travel through Russia on the next big trip I am currently preparing for. As a music fan and journalist, I wanted to seek out some Russian music to whet the appetite and get a sense of if there was such huge differences between our respective parts of the world, in terms of music culture. This really intrigues me.

This Russian Music Playlist has many great songs, by wonderful Russian musicians, that show there is so much in common that we can appreciate from Russian culture. Check out music by Tesla Boy, On The Go and Motorama – just a few of our Favourites.

This is music that anyone in the world could enjoy with an open mind, so here is a travel playlist of my favourite Russian music to share with you all. And if you are planning to visit Russia, I hope this can soundtrack your Russian Adventure.

Our Favourite Russian Bands

Tesla Boy – Formed in Moscow in 2008, Tesla Boy make heady, dreamy synthpop. They’ve released three albums now and been through a few line up changes but kept the same core dynamic with Anton Sevidov at the helm.

On The Go – Making music they describe as “western not by content, but by the performance and record quality”, On The Go are an easily palatable band for those unfamiliar with Russian culture.

Therr Maitz – There have been MTV Europe awards and more for this Moscow based electronic act. Now well into their second decade of existence, they are one of Russia’s leading independent bands.

Motorama – As featured in the main article, Motorama probably just pip the other acts to our No1 favourite Russian band. Embracing easy flowing indie, surf and well-functioning post punk, they are a breezy blend.

Pussy Riot – They’ve been arrested and imprisoned for speaking out against the government. The political group aren’t always on song but with ‘Organi‘ they hit a sombre hip hop tone and it resonates.

Alisa – One of Russia’s most influential rock band and significantly, realised much of their music through the state record label, Melodiya, since the 80’s Alisa have been one of Russia’s greatest of all time.

Auktyon – Hailing from Saint Petersburg and founded at the Polytechnic Institute of Leningrad, this new wave and post punk outfit take influence for as far-reaching sources as Asian folk and avant-guard jazz.

The Jack Wood – This garage rock band from Siberia are one of the most fierce bands in Russia. With attitude in spades and an untamed beauty, they’ll turn your world upside down and smash a guitar over it.

Mooncake – One of the leading acts from Russia experimental, post-rock scene. As an instrumental band they immerse your deeply into their sound, creating an all-engulfing envelop of sound.

SALTO – Now a well established band of 10 years, this spacey, creative act have turned a few heads with their sonic assualts. Pulling their influences from the electonic music of today to the Turkmen sounds of the past.

Russia’s Music System

Russian music is fascinating. Not just the sound of it but the whole music industry system is done very differently from how I’m used to in the UK. With state funded record labels and music projects, there is a balance between private sector and public own infrastructure.

I think the idea of this kind of model is one that can be hugely beneficial, even if the execution isn’t that strong in Russia. I would like to see more countries adopt a balanced arts system like this, as music should not solely exist as a product for sale. It is an art form in which the finest expression should be allowed to live and breathe, regardless of commercial viability. We can learn from Russia.

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