Best Mongolian Music Playlist – Comongolia!

One of the places I’ve been most inspired to see and travel of late, has been Mongolia. Tucked into the north-east corner of Asia, it appeals due to its isolated location, distinct culture and traditional way of life.

It seems like a peaceful, serene place and this Mongolian Music Playlist is reflective of that – for the most part at least. As we’ve not been there yet, I’d recommend heading over to our friends at Untold Wanderlust for a detailed Mongolia guide.

I created this playlist to inspire travel to Mongolia. Perhaps it’s a place you’ve already considered travelling to? I hope this playlist provides a sample of the Mongolian culture and provides a taste of things to come. I also hope travellers already intending to visit, will use it whilst traveling the country, to provide and authentic soundtrack to their trip.

Sample Pick: Huun Huur Tu‘Odugen Taiga’.

This is – like all Resfeber Blog’s playlists – a mix of modern and traditional sounds from the country. To most people’s ears, this is enjoyable music but if you add in your cultural interest in the country and especially if you are travelling or due to travel Mongolia, you will find this a spine tingling sonic experience.

Listen to more: If you are travelling on the Trans-Siberian Express, check out our Russian Travel Music Playlist. Heading further into Asia, here is our Japanese Travel Playlist.

mongolian music playlistWhilst these playlists feature a broad range of music and not every track will be to everyone’s taste, I have found and included some music that I find of exceptional quality. The music of traditional Mongolian band Huun Huur Tu is one such example. I would gladly pay $30 to go and watch them play. There music is consistently transcendental.

With Huun Huur Tu, we have an example that music doesn’t need to be made for western tastes for it to resonate with western people. Music is a language that is understood by listeners from all corners of the world, when approached with an open mind.

From genres like Mongolian throat singing, through folk, to electronic, hip-hop and punk music – in English and Mongolian. This is the sound of Mongolia. Enjoy.

Favourite Mongolian Bands

Hanggai – This Mongolian folk band actually based themselves in China and are involved mostly with the music industry there. Blending traditional music with influences as wide-reaching as punk and rock, they have a modern, relevant sound.

Nisvanis – A grunge rock band, hugely popular in Mongolia. Founded in 1996, the band have been around since Nirvana were first imported to the country and formed this band after being inspired by the counter-culture movement.

Huun Huur Tu – This Mongolian foursome display a huge range of abilities, from traditional instruments to more modern, from high-pitched wailing to deep-toned throat singing. Perhaps the greatest Mongolian band of al time.

Magnolian – Incorporating more western influences that traditional Mongolian ones, Magnolian make softly spoken folk music to die for. They also have alternate versions of some songs, in English and Mongolian.

The Lemons – Under the sunglasses and hat trademark of The Lemons singer, Odno, you’ll find a great songwriter with huge appeal. With national success coming easy to the moderns pop rock outfit, they have began to expand their reach overseas.

Click Here for Comeongolia! – Playlist On Spotify

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