Hello there! Nice to e-meet you and welcome to Resfeber Travel Blog.

Welcome To Resfeber Travel Blog

This is a travel blog, containing inspiring stories from the road, guides using our travel industry inside knowledge, discussion points about travel ethics, international music from around the world and all the best travel films to entertain you.

And of course we are blogging our epic Scotland to Australia over land and sea trip currently. 

We have all that and more but who the hell are we?

Kate is a physiotherapist from Perth, Western Australia. She first travelled after university to Europe and north America, stopping off to live in London for a year with her friends.

She likes to draw naked people, enjoys crafts, cooks Asian food incredibly well and likes to drink almost any and all Italian drinks.  She recommends: Dim Sum & Aperol Spritz Рbut not together, just in general.

Ian has worked as a travel consultant and medical repat consultant for four years in Glasgow, Scotland. He knows his native Europe well and has travelled round the world once before, through South America, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. You can read the story that inspired Ian to travel here.

You’ll find Ian writing and listening to music. He likes making Italian food and drinking Scottish. He recommends: A wide variety of Pizza & Williams bros beers.

Resfeber: Swedish (n) – The nervous feeling a traveller gets, before their journey begins.

As Seen In The Skinny News.com.au Travel + Leisure

Right now, we are planning and saving to travel the world once more in April 2019, leaving our current UK home. We will be embarking on the overland trip of a lifetime, travelling in the most emissions efficient way possible, from Scotland (Ian’s home)¬†to Australia¬†(Kate’s home)¬†by bus, train and boat.

In addition to his work in travel and blogging, Ian has written and featured for many culture, travel and music magazines like:

The Skinny / Travel + Leisure / The Line Of Best Fit / DIY Magazine / Eat Sleep Love Travel / The Quietus / RTW Mag / News.com.au / Business Insider

Get in touch on: contact (at) resfebertravelblog (dot) com

(Here’s a collection of photos with us mainly standing on high things)

Ian Paterson resfeber travel blog

Nazca Lines > Scottish Wedding > Iceland

Edinburgh > Melbourne > Thailand

Colombia > Machu Picchu > Ben Nevis

Since starting this blog, we’ve thought in-depth about tourism, considering how important it is to make time for travel in your life, how we have to start travelling responsibly or we’ll ruin the places we visit and how to get the most out of the culture you encounter.

These are the thoughts that have formed the backbone to Resfeber Travel Blog – our ethos in promoting travel.

If you’d like to get in touch with Resfeber Travel Blog then email us on:

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