5 Month Progress Update: Saving Up To Travel Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

A fresh approaching to budget backpacking, saving and affording travel.

One of the most common reasons I hear from people heading off travelling, is that they want to “live in the moment” or "seize the day". It’s as good a reason as any however, if this means years of sacrifices, budgeting and saving to prepare for a trip, then that doesn’t sound very much like living in the moment, does it?

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Travel Documentary: The Tribe – Channel 4

So what would you expect for a TV show like this? To be learning about strange customs and unique lifestyles of this East African country? Well, yes but what is most enjoyable are the many similarities you'll see between us. Welcome into the Hamar tribe of Ethiopia.

The Best European Films To Watch Before You Travel

Nothing gets you in the mood for your next trip like watching a movie, set in the location you’re due to visit, full of the culture you are about to experience – these are the best travel films to watch before heading to your destination. Here is a list of forty plus of Europe's greatest films.

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